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Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) member List 2017
Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) member List 2018
November 2, 2017
Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a traveler
Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a traveler | Innoza
November 7, 2017

Top 10 direct selling companies in India 2017

Top 10 direct selling companies in India 2017

Top 10 direct selling companies in India

  1. Vestige
  2. Mi lifestyle marketing global private limited
  3. Amway
  4. Forever living products
  5. Naswiz
  6. Modi care
  7. Oriflamme
  8. Avon
  9. Herbalife
  10. Tupperware



Vestige is an Indian company specializing in the use  of multi level marketing  to sell health , beauty , and home care products. Vestige is a direct selling company dealing in world class Health care, Health food, Oral care, Agri product and personal care products including Flax Oil Capsules, Dentassure Toothpaste, Invigo Nutrional Protein Powder, home hygenius solutions and many more.

Founded : 2004

Founder : Gautam Bali

Team management :

Industry :  Health, Beauty and Home Care products

Revenue: 75

Head office :  New Delhi, India

Internationl office : Dubai

Vestige logo

Website : www.myvestige.com



“Best To Believe” implies the company that can satisfy every last needs and can stand well on the clients requirement. Amway can be contrasted with a tree with a few sections, each playing an essential and sound role. Amway is effectively present in the development of corrective to home-mind items.

Founded : November 1959

Founder : Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos

Headquarters : Michigan, U.S.A.

Industry : Amway home, glister, Nutrilite

Revenue: 9,500

Customer service :  080 3941 6600

amway logo

Website: www.amwayglobal.com





The term’ Herbal’ means regular restorative herbs .The organization tries to bring utilization of normal and also wholesome and sound items to individuals’ lives, however serving the maxim of ‘Seed To Feed’.

Founded : February 1980

Founder : Mark R hughes

Headquarters : Los Angeles, California, U.S

Industry : weight management, nutrition

Revenue: 4,470

Customer service : 0804031444

herbalife logo

Website: www.herbalife.com


Forever living products

Always Living Products, through its gathering of worldwide organizations is the biggest cultivator, maker and merchant of Aloe Vera items on the planet. we have committed ourselves to searching out nature’s best hotspots for well being and excellence and offering them to the world. With a guarantee to quality and immaculateness, we are enthusiastic about helping everybody around the globe look and can rest easy.

Founded : 1978

Founder : Rex Maughan

Revenue : 2,500

Head office : Scottsdale, Arizona, United State

Customer service : 02266414000

Industry : natural beauty, Nutrition, Drinks, Nutrition, Personal care, Skin care, Weight management


Website: foreverliving.com




Mi lifestyle marketing pvt ltd

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited., , is an immediate offering organization that arrangements with a scope of far reaching and quality way of life items for everyday life. Our point is to convey the best items to our purchaser, who frames the center of the organization, straightforwardly.

Founded : 2013

Founder : 35

Revenue : 2,500

Customer service : 011 4770 9943


Website : www.milifestylemarketing.com



Oriflame dependably tries to make a” Flame of Innovation” by dispersing healthy skin items and other electronic things for the two men and ladies.

Founded : 1967

Founders : Jonas Af Jochnick, Robert Af Jochnick

Headquarters :  Stockholm Sweden

Revenue : 1,350

Customer service : 01166259000

oriflame logo

Website:  www.oriflame.com



Avon is a standout amongst the most famous organization of excellence items in India.Beauty implies ladies yet Avon is likewise making its stride towards e-items which can be utilized by kids and men also.For case – dispatch of bikes.

Founded : 1886

Founder : David H. McConnell

Headquarters : New York, U.S.A.

Revenue : 1,010


Website: www.avon.co.in



Tupperware has made an asphalt amongst individuals and calling. It’s an organization which makes and offer item as tiffin containers’ ,packs, kitchen item and so on and furthermore remembers need of any age.

Founded : 1948

Founder : Earl Tupper

Head office :  Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Revenue : 2,280

Number  of  employees : 13,500

Tupperware logo

Website : tupperwarebrands.com





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Chhaya Ninama
Chhaya Ninama
I am SEO Expert in Innoza and am also Web developer at here..

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