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Why Rome is the heart of Italy | Innoza

Why Rome is the heart of Italy by Innoza IT Center, Udaipur


Rome is one of the most important tourist destinations in the World due to the incalculable immensity of its archaeological and artistic treasures along with the charm of its unique traditions. Rome is the capital city of Italy and its monuments and museums Vatican Museums and Colosseum have among the World’s most visited tourist destination with both the sites receiving millions of tourists a year. The Colosseum is regarded as “Wonder of the World”

Let’s start the journey “Why Rome is the Heart of Italy”


Welcome to Rome

Castle San’t Angelo

Castle Sant’ Angelo is a towering cylindrical building in Rome, Italy and was once the tallest building in Rome. It was formed by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family. The building was used by Popes as a fortress and castle but now it is a museum.


Castle San’t Angelo-1


Castle San’t Angelo-2




Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a city square in Rome was built in 1st century A.D. Piazza Navona is a highly significant example of Baroque Roman architecture. It features important sculptural and architectural creations. It’s built on the site of Stadium of Domitian and follows the form of the open space of the stadium.


Piazza Navona-1


Piazza Navona-2




Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a fountain in the Trevi district in Rome, Italy and it is the largest Baroque fountain in the city. The fountain has appeared in several renowned films and it is one of the most famous fountains in the World. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Rome.


Trevi Fountain-2


Trevi Fountain-1




Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums is the oldest religious institutions in the World and is visited by over 5 million tourists all year round. It boasts some of the World’s most important relic’s and was founded by Pope Julius II in the 6th century, the Vatican Museums inside the Vatican City.


Vatican Museums-1


Vatican Museums-2





Pantheon is a building in Rome, Italy. Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon’s dome is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. It’s one of the best preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings and it has been in continuous use throughout its history.






St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is a Late Renaissance church located within the Vatican City. It is one of the largest churches in the world and is regarded as one the holiest Catholic Sites. It has been described as “holding a unique position in Christian World” and as “the greatest of all churches of Christendom”.


St. Peter’s Basilica-2


St. Peter’s Basilica-1




The top attraction in Rome is The Colosseum and it was the largest amphitheatre of Roman Empire. The Colosseum is considered to be one of the “Wonders of the World” and is the largest amphitheatre in the World. The Colosseum is one of the greatest works of Roman Architecture. At a time The Colosseum can hold uptp 80,000 spectators.










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