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Things-to-do before traveling to India | Innoza

Things-to-do before traveling to India by Innoza


India is vast place with different cultures and there are number of things that you should know before beginning your journey as it is not at all easy to travel here without proper information. Gathering as much knowledge as possible of the place you are visiting is the best way of exploring that place. It becomes easy to plan your trip with right information available. Traveling to India is an extremely wonderful experience if planned properly and here you will find some important points that will surely help you make your trip a memorable one…!!!

Let’s explore “Things-to-do before traveling to India”



Get Necessary Documentations


First of all before planning your trip have all necessary documents like Passport, Visa, etc.. at your disposal as tourists to India are required to have a Visa. You will need a valid Passport to travel in India. If you want to apply for a visa than you can do so on https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/indianVisaReg.jsp

Get Necessary Documentations


Make your things-to-do in India list

Decide where you want to go and what things you want to do in India as it will help you in planning your trip easily. It’s definitely not an easy task to decide where you want to visit in India but try making your itinerary as simple as you can. If it’s possible than try and use guide book, as it can be very beneficial in making your trip flexible and harassment-free. Allot more time than usual to each of your scheduled tours as you never know how the place welcomes you…!!

Make your things-to-do in India list


Pack as per your need

Packing can be very tricky as most of the people pack just what they need and prefer to buy other stuff accordingly. This can be very helpful as too much luggage can be very difficult to handle and can mess your journey. Don’t pack unwanted things instead try and pack what you think is very much needed as some places don’t have cabs and rickshaws service. India is not a costly country and you will get what you need at affordable prices.




Book Hotels and Travel Tickets in Advance

It will be very beneficial for you if you can get your traveling tickets and hotel bookings done in advance as in India, you never know what happens. Don’t ever make the mistake of not booking your tickets In advance because it’s very difficult to get the tickets at the time you need it. Reservations are very difficult to get as trains get filled up months in advance. During tourist season it becomes very difficult to get rooms in Hotels so it’s recommended to book in advance according to your journey dates.

Hotels and Travel


Doctor’s Visit is must

India is a place not famous in the World for cleanliness so there is a strong possibility of you being infected and getting sick so visit your doctor and take his advice on travel-related medical tips. There are number of vaccinations which are must before traveling to India but usually tetanus, typhoid and cholera are advised. Pick and choose what you eat and drink to avoid most of the health problems.

Doctor’s Visit

Exchange your Currency

India is place where you might need lots of cash as at some places they don’t accept credit or debit cards so it’s essential to have cash alongside with you. Exchange your currency as per your need in major cities because especially in small towns, it can get very difficult to exchange your currency and if by chance you get one the exchange rates can be very high.



Dress Properly

India is a narrow minded country and except some major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, etc there are some kind of dress codes that you may need to follow. You can’t roam around wearing a bikini or a short-dress, skimpy tank tops or short skirt dresses in the streets of India because people here are conservative. It’s best to cover up your body with absolutely no cleavage as this is the real tradition of India and it’s necessary for you to follow this in order to have a smooth journey.




Update your knowledge on food and drinking safety

If you want your journey to progress without any sickness barrier than always follow the rules that each and every traveler to India follows. These can help you immensely in keeping yourself fit throughout your trip.

Only drink bottled water and never ever drink local water as it can very harmful and may contains lots of bacteria.

–> Have your food in Hotels that are clean and don’t eat uncooked foods

–> Don’t drink beverages with ice in them

–> Buy street foods that has been cooked hot and hasn’t been sitting out

Follow above rules to low the chances of you getting sick to minimum. You are the one responsible for your health so take care of it.

food and drinking safety


You will attract attention

There is a tendency in India that foreigners often get attention from the locals. So don’t feel intimidated if you see people staring at you as they won’t harm you. Be it because of your look, language barrier or any other thing you will be easily identified as a foreigner and some people may want to click a pic with you so be gentle with them and enjoy your time.

attract attention


Try to mix up with locals

Like any other country it will be very beneficial for you if you can mix up with the locals as they are the one who will brief you with the surroundings. Try and be friendly with them, have a friendly chat with them and be steady in your proceedings. Language can be a barrier in talking but still try and speak in local language as this will make your impression good on them.

mix up locals


Behave like you know everything

In India, there is a tendency of foreigners or even local without any local knowledge getting cheated. So pretend that you know everything and talk firmly and not slowly and lowly. If you won’t toughen up than there is strong chance that instead of $1 you may end up paying $10. Above things apply especially for Rickshaws and Taxi Drivers, because whenever they see a new people their rates start going upwards.

you know everything


Beware of Goons

India is country where goons and thieves are found in every street and in every corner. They may con or loot you before you realize. So if possible, split the money in different places between wallet, shoulder bag, socks and places like that. In case if you get pick pocketed than you have enough cash at your disposals. And try and keep your wallet in the front pocket of your pants as it is almost impossible to reach it without you being aware. Stay safe and enjoy your journey don’t go with someone to lonely places.

Beware of Goons


Respect the Indian Culture

The culture of India is very unique and is the way of life of the people of India. Languages, religions, dance, architecture, food and customs differ from place to place within the country. For example if you are in Gujarat, you will get the feel of Gujarati tradition and like that if in Maharashtra, Marathi culture is found. No matter in which part of India you are try and respect the culture found there to add a flavor to your journey.

Things-to-do before traveling to India by Innoza





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