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Top 10 direct selling companies in India 2017
November 4, 2017
Lets unleash the beauty of Morocco - By Innoza IT Center
Lets unleash the beauty of Morocco | Innoza
November 7, 2017

Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a traveler | Innoza

Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a traveler

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located between Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers and the capital being Harare. There are several major tourist attractions in Zimbabwe. From Victoria Falls, World’s largest curtain of falling water, to Great Zimbabwe there is everything that a traveler looks before planning a vacation. Zimbabwe is a fantastic place for Tourism and only 20 years ago it was the richest country in Africa. You cannot overlook the Natural Beauty of Zimbabwe too as there are many places that offers some of the most beautiful scenes that you will ever come across.

Let’s explore “Zimbabwe is the perfect place for a traveler”.

National Gallery in Zimbabwe

National Gallery in Zimbabwe is a gallery dedicated to presentation and conservation of Zimbabwe’s contemporary art and visual Heritage. The Gallery is located in Harare and was opened by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 16 July 1957.The Gallery boasts a permanent collection with more than 6,000 works collected over period of fifty years. The curator makes thorough selection of artworks which can be used during exhibition.






Bulawayo Railway Museum

Bulawayo Railway Museum is a museum located next to Bulawayo Railway Station in Zimbabwe. Some of its oldest exhibits date as back as 1897 which includes Cecil Rhodes personal Railway Coach. The museum is owned by National Railways of Zimbabwe and is fantastic National Railways Museum well worth a day’s visit. It was officially opened in 1972 and it looks like an original station with its cleanliness and tranquility. In past, due to the severe shortage of rolling stock, some steam locomotives in the museum have been returned to service.








National Heroes Acre

National Heroes Acre is a burial ground and national monument in Zimbabwe. Persons buried here, are considered as heroes by Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front Regime. The purpose is to commemorate Patriotic Font Guerrillas killed during Rhodesian Bush War and those Zimbabweans whose dedication or commitment to their country justify their interment at the Shrine. National Hero Status is the highest honour that can be given to an individual Zimbabwean and the recipient is entitle to be buried at the National Heroes Acre. The Eternal Flame measuring forty metres is the highest point at Heroes Acre and can be readily viewed from Harare. Till August 7 2001, 47 persons have been interred on site.






Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park, founded in 1928, is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe located in the west on the main road between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. The park is close to Kalahari Desert, region with little water and sparse vegetation. All of Zimbabwe’s specially protected Animals are found in Hwange and the Park is home to over 100 mammal and 400 bird species. African Wild Dogs, Elephants, Lions and many more animals are found here and their population has also increased immensely.







Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site forming the core of an area of granite kopjes and wooded valleys known as Matopos Hills. These hills were formed over 2 billion years ago with granite being force to the surface. The hills cover an area of 3100 km2 of which 424 km2 is of Matobo National Park. Matobo National Park is the oldest National Park in Zimbabwe established way back in 1926 as Rhodes Matopos National Park. There are 175 bird, 88 mammal, 39 snakes and 16 fish species found in the National Park. The Game Park, located in the West, is home to white Rhinoceros, sable antelope, impala and leopard. Worldwide, Matobo National Park contains the highest concentration of black eagles and equivalent breeding birds.





Nyanga National Park

Nyanga National Park is located in North of Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands and it has the highest land in Zimbabwe in terms of Green Hills and Perennial Rives. It is one of the first National Parks to be declared in the Country. Mount Nyangani, the highest point in Zimbabwe, is located in the center of the Park whereas Mutarazi Falls is located in the south of the park. The park is famous amongst wildlife conservationist for its population of blue duiker and samango monkeys. It is visited by most of the tourists who come to Zimbabwe as it is a popular tourist destination of the country.








White River Rafting on Zambezi River

When most of the big dramatic rapids for which Zambezi River is famous have either been washed out or are considered too dangerous for rafting, the high speed Rafting runs. Whitewater Rafting on the Zambezi River is one of the best trips on earth! Guaranteed. If you have a full day, or even half will do, you will come to know about the Wonderful Rapids this river has to offer. The River Rafting trip is as adventurous and as mellow as you like and if tripped, it will be the highlight of your journey in Zimbabwe.








Antelope Park

Antelope Park is one of Southern Africa’s Most Intriguing Destinations and is home to World Famous African Lion. Set in over 3000 acres of open Savannah grassland, Antelope Park is a unique game reserve and heaven of tranquility set in African bush. Here you can take a ride with lions and take a ride on elephants through wilderness. During evening, you can closely experience the hunting of lions in their Natural Environment. Upon visit, you will definitely take back with you some happy memories that will last for a long time.








Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is a ruined city and town of Masvingo in Southern east hills of Zimbabwe. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and served as a royal palace for Zimbabwean Monarch. It’s spanned over an area of 722 hectares and can easily house up to 18,000 people. One of the most prominent features are the walls, some of which over 5 meters in height, which are constructed without mortar. Great Zimbabwe has been adopted as a National Monument by the Zimbabwean Government and is a prime tourist destination in Zimbabwe.








Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a Waterfall in southern Africa on Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in fact; it is classified as the largest based on its width (1,708m) and height (108m). It is twice the height of World’s most popular waterfalls Niagara Falls and over twice the width of its Horseshoe Falls. There are many adventures which you can try out at Victoria Falls like Bungee Jumping and Devil’s Arm Chair. It is one of the main tourist attraction in Zimbabwe and is visited by many tourists from all over the World.











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Chhaya Ninama
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